Disinfection equipments and accessories

Appropriate accessories have been designed and integrated in to these offerings to effectively deliver and use these cutting edge products

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BIOSPRAY A Touch free liquid/gel dispenser compatible with BioShields® 500 ml hand disinfectants
DISPENSER PUMPS Dispenser pumps for obtaining product from BioShields® 250 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml bottles; delivers 1.5-2 ml/stroke.
DISPENSER STAND Dispenser stands compatible with BioShields® 500 ml hand disinfectants range
IMMERSION TRAY Immersion tray made up of non-reactive, high impact plastic suitable for all kinds of instruments in Hospitals, Clinics and Labs
TRANSFER SIPHON Reusable siphon for transferring BioShields® products from refill packs to dispenser bottle packs
SPRAY PUMPS Disposable spray pumps compatible with BioShields® 50 ml, 125 ml and 250 ml spray bottles
GLUTARALDEHYDE TEST STRIPS Glutaraldehyde testing strips for validation of product potency during use